Partnership with winegrowers

As part of the wine tourism label and in order to promote local products, we have chosen to enter into a partnership with certain winegrowers in the region.From the name of your room to our wine list, including decoration, discover the wine tourism label in all its forms and appreciate the touch of each one, to be found in your glasses during a tasting.

Winegrowers partners

Domaine de Chantailles
Hammel Terres de Vins
Graenicher vigneron encaveur
Domaine Sarraux-Dessous
Domaine de Mont-le-Vieux
Domaine de Beau Soleil
Domaine Rosset
Domaine 4810
Domaine de Chantemerle
Château de Duillier
Cave du Consul
Domaine La Colombe
Domaine des Ours
Château Rochefort
Le Cellier du Mas